Kyly Vass

One Miramar #929491 • La Jolla, CA 92092 • (702) 533-5959


Determined and dedicated student who uses his diversified skill sets in various computer languages, mathematic and logical deduction along with excellent inter-personal communication skills, to find intuitive solutions for complex problems.


Bachelors of Computer Science, Jacobs Schools of Engineering at University California of San Diego, May 2016. 3.9 GPA

Relevant Coursework

  • Computer Organization & Systems Programing
  • Algorithm & Systems Analysis
  • Software Tools & Techniques
  • Basic Data Structure & Object Orientated Design

Skills & Languages

Profecient in: ANSI C, C++, Java, SPARC, JavaScript, xml, Bash, ANT, SVN, Git, Makefiles, Python, Sage, R, and LaTex.

Exsperiance with: Data structures such as binary trees, hash tables, queues, linked lists, and heaps. Searching and sorting algorithms, multi-threaded programing, and performance testing.

Computer Science Experience

Descrete Mathmatics Tutor Summer 2014

I’m currently assisting Dr. Rob Rubalcaba in teaching basic discrete mathematical structures, methods of reasoning, proofs, functions, sequences, equivalence relations, partial orders, and number systems.

  • Displaying a strong aptitude for communicating complex ideas was a key factoring in being selected for this position.
  • Confidence, patience, and most importantly attention to detail makes me well suited to this position.

Freelance Technical Consulting & programming Winter 2014

Consulting and front end development for Senior Developer Mike Wright. Worked together redeveloping a web application used by extermination companies domestically to generate bids, maintain records and calendars of employees.

  • Optimized searching and rendering of appointments generated from a data base or inputed by the user.
  • Adapted scheduling calender to a modern responsive format.
  • Improved the accuracy of user input dates and time, closing the gap between what the user inputs and what was actually recorded on the server.


Cement Mason, Independent Contractor 2005-2014

Working as a concrete contractor for the past 9 years has allowed me to gain experience as a leader and a employer.

  • Communicated directly with clients, and prospective customers to turn their ideas into completed projects.
  • Guided crews to meet deadlines by clearly outlining expectations while also facilitating a friendly team environment.
  • Efficiently maintained budgets by accurately accessing resources needed and completing jobs ahead of schedule.



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